Secrets of the Pink Kush

The Pink Kush Theory

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Published on Nov 21, 2014

The Pink Kush Theory

The Anunnaki were a race of giants/gods that lived in Sumer and were not a myth but were very real.

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Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd

The Pink Kush Theory by William Harold Bradshaw AKA Billy Budd:

Aliens, giants and God were actually human tetraploids mistaken for these other worldly entities. They were called the Anunnaki after their father Anu, the Sky God. The Anunnaki were actual flesh and blood humans but not normal diploid humans. The normal diploid humans living in that area of Sumer at that time were Semitic. The Anunnaki were not of Semitic origin but were probably originally from Europe and were genetically modified by accident.

Humans are usually diploid which is two sets of chromosomes. Their chromosomes were doubled creating a tetraploid. This was due to a chemical called colchicine which is present in the Autumn Crocus plant. Women were using this plant, found throughout Europe, to relieve labour pains. This accidently created tetraploids when the timing was correct and the solution strength of the alkaloid was proper. It was a very low probability event but it happened and it created these tetraploid humans who eventually grow into giants. These tetraploid humans were much bigger, stronger, more intelligent and wiser than normal diploid humans. They also lived much longer such that they told the humans that they immortal and were gods from heaven as they also had the technology to fly. They deceived the humans and enslaved them forcing them to serve them with tributes and sacrifices. They then tasked the Akkadians (ancient Hebrews Hyksos/Judeans) with implementing their bureaucratic structure amongst the humans in order to create a civilized and controlled world. As above, so below and the Lord's Prayer contain their message.

The depictions of the Anunnaki show them with wings (a symbol of their flight technology) just like the angels in the Bible. That is because they are the same thing. The Anunnaki were referred to as the Rephaim class of giants in the Bible. There is another class of giants and they are the offspring of tetraploid humans/giants mating with diploid humans and are referred to as the Nephilim. The Nephilim are sterile as they are a genetic mismatch. The Bible supports this genetic fact by stating that the Nephilim were not fruitful unto God. Yes, the Bible was written by God but he was not really a god but a tetraploid human. Note that Anu, the father of the Anunnaki was the sky god and had developed the technology to fly. He lived at the time of the great flood (circa 5600 BC) and, it was he who authorized the Great Flood for population control.

Read Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd.