Secrets of the Pink Kush

Satan, The Real Story

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Published on Nov 17, 2014

Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd

This is the story of how Satan (a tetraploid human) fell from Heaven, which was probably Mount Hebron. God, Satan and Lucifer were tetraploid giants and implemented civilization upon Earth. The giants lived in the mountains and called that place Heaven which might very well have been Mount Hebron. There is a plant, containing colchicine, that created these tetraploid giants by doubling the chromosomes. From Secrets of the Pink Kush.

Video Transcript:
Semjaza was God's right hand man and took care of the Garden of Eden. Satan is the job title for being the prosecutor/adversary.The right hand man of God is Satan and the left hand is Lucifer, a woman. Semjaza tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit. This may have been a plant, rather than a tree. A plant that raised conciousness but also paranoia. Semjaza was responsible for maintaining the Garden of Eden for God. He knew all about plants and their medicinal properties. As such, he was also aware of the psychoactive properties of these mushrooms. Semjaza tells Eve that consuming the plant will not kill her, as God told her. Semjaza was right if she did not have too much. Later, Semjaza becomes obsessed with the daughters of Cain. They are beautiful and he is lusting after them. He makes a pact with 200 giants/angels that they will all take up human wives. Semjaza and the other giants are cast out of the mountain (Heaven) and must now reside in the valleys below.A long bitter war between God (King of the Giants) and Satan (Semjaza) begin. The Nephilim are born from the giants mating with human women. The Nephilim are sterile triploids. They cannot have children. The Nephilim are giants as well but not as large as their tetraploid fathers.