Secrets of the Pink Kush

Giants, Gods, Megalithic Structures and Ancient Aliens/Astronauts

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Published on Nov 15, 2014

Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd

God, Satan and Lucifer were tetraploid giants and implemented civilization upon Earth. They lived in the mountains e.g. Mount Hebron. This is the plant, containing colchicine, that created these tetraploid giants by doubling the chromosomes. From Secrets of the Pink Kush.

Video Transcript:
This is the Autumn Crocus plant. It is very deadly but also magical... The Autumn Crocus contains an alkaloid called colchicine. This alkaloid can double the chromosomes of plants, animals and ...yes, even humans. These are orchids that were created using colchicine to double the chromosomes. This is a cannabis plant, called Pink Kush. It also was created using colchicine from the Autumn Crocus. This is a relief tablet of a Sumerian God and is known as "Seat of the God". The Sumerians were an advanced race of giants. They were also created using the Autumn Crocus plant... These giant gods then built megalithic structures around the globe and created civilization. Find out more in Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd