Secrets of the Pink Kush

Tetraploid Human

Press Release September 4, 2015

Published on Jan 21, 2015
Updated on March 14, 2016

Tetraploid Human Definition

A tetraploid human is a human being that has four sets of chromosomes. Normally people have only two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. When a mitotic poison, such as colchicine or oryzalin is introduced during meiosis then the cells are prevented from dividing. This results in a doubling of the chromosomes. The solution strength and saturation period are important as too much or too long will result in killing the cells causing the fetus to abort.

Tetraploids exist as plants, insects, mammals and animals including humans. The mainstream scientists attempt to dissuade people from believing in tetraploidy within humans due to the implications for the status quo. The proof is overwhelming such that they can no longer deny their existence and their past influences like the establishment of civilization and the building of megalithic structures.

The gods such as God, Satan, Lucifer and the Greek/Roman gods were tetraploid giants and implemented civilization upon Earth. They lived in the mountains or subterranean caves including underwater cave systems.

See Secrets of the Pink Kush for details on tetraploid humans..

There have been some successful documented tetraploid births in the modern world. They are, for the most part, hidden from mainstream science due to the implications of the existence of these highly advanced humans. The Polyploid definition in Wikipedia is incorrect about tetraploids not being viable in humans and actually they are easy to make which would prove the Pink Kush Theory or at least provide substantive evidence to support the theory. A nation state may actually wish to pursue the creation of tetraploids in order to help them with technological advances due to their highly superior intellect.

They grow up to twice the size of normal humans and have a much longer life span and may have some other physical anomalies due to the extra chromosomes e.g. extra digits, extra teeth, etc. It is thought that aliens and ancient gods are actually tetraploid humans as proposed by the Pink Kush Theory.

The Bible actually documents the existence of tetraploid humans and triploid humans. The tetraploid humans are referred to as the Rephaim whereas the triploids are referred to as the Nephilim. The triploid Nephilim are sterile due to a genetic mismatch. The triploid Nephilim are not as large as the tetraploid humans but are much larger than normal diploid humans. It is important to note that both diploids and tetraploid humans both have a common ancestor, a diploid.

It is very important to realize that what I state here is based upon science and facts, not fiction, and some is from my own work with polyploids. My book employs the scientific method throughout and what I expose in my book is very real and all the evidence can be verified. I have even received many death threats because they do not want you to know the truth about these secrets. Why do they not want us to know these things? This is because there is an ancient global conspiracy to enslave and control humanity and your awareness could jeopardize their evil agenda. You can find more proof that my theory is absolutely correct in this Tetraploid Human Case Study