Secrets of the Pink Kush

Suppressing the Cure of Cancer

Press Release September 4, 2015

Suppressed Cancer Cures

Written by William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T., CPIM

This information is derived from my book Secrets of the Pink Kush. Some knowledge revealed here may not be in the book exactly as detailed here as this is more detailed but the main premise is derived from the book. Please note that I am not an occultist or religious but a scientist and my objective is to remain unbiased and only present the facts that I discovered during my lengthy research project. Some of what is contained here is speculation in an attempt to explain some of these ancient mysteries and/or to provide possible solutions to existing problems of our society.

Cancer can be beaten. There is a plant that shows great promise as a potential cure.

This is the Autumn Crocus plant. It contains an alkaloid called colchicine. Colchicine prevents cells from dividing. Although the plant is very toxic, it offers a potential cure for cancer. If the cells cannot divide then cancer cannot spread.

Colchicine has been used for gout treatment for many decades and can be used safely under the direction of a physician. We need more research on this plant.

There are many natural cures as well as preventative measures that be applied for the treatment of cancer. Secrets of the Pink Kush reveals some of these cures as well as preventative maintenance such that cancer will not be able to develop in your body. This includes a diet of whole foods, pH balancing your body and some alkaloids that actually prevent the cancer cells from spreading. The book also details why they are suppressing these cures and who they are. The truth is nothing short of shocking.

Read 'Secrets of the Pink Kush' by Billy Budd for more information on how to cure cancer and why they suppress cures for cancer.

Secrets of the Pink Kush

Read Secrets of the Pink Kush for more knowledge of the occult and many other topics that are related by a certain lily plant that can potentially cure cancer or kill animals/people or create polyploids such as the tetraploid humans or create superior plants like the Pink Kush which is also a tetraploid but a cannabis plant. The book also describes how to breed and grow superior plants and cannabis in particular. There is knowledge in this book that is not found anywhere else in the world except amongst the tetraploid humans and they are keeping it a secret.

Thank you for your interest in this topic.