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The Pink Kush Theory from Secrets of the PInk Kush

Press Release September 4, 2015

The Pink Kush Theory

By William Harold Bradshaw Dipl. T., CPIM

January 22, 2015

Updated on March 18,2016

This information is derived from my book Secrets of the Pink Kush. Please note that I am not an occultist or religious but a scientist and my objective is to remain unbiased and only present the facts that I discovered during my lengthy research project. The book provides the proof for the theory and employs the scientific method such that replication can be done in order to prove the theory.

The Pink Kush Theory is the hypothesis developed by technologist and scientist William Harold Bradshaw that tetraploid humans exist on Earth, in hiding, and have for several thousands of years. They were created from a mitotic poison such as colchicine from the Autumn Crocus plant. The resulting doubled chromosome humans grow into giants and that this has been documented throughout history in such ancient texts as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Sumerian Tablets, the Book of Enoch and the Old Testament. These tetraploids created civilization by implementing their own bureaucratic system. It is called the Pink Kush Theory due to the accidental discovery of these facts during the examination of a tetraploid plant. These tetraploids were the original gods of the myths and ancient legends. Their offspring, the Nephilim were sterile triploids and did interact more with humans than their tetraploid parent. All evidence, facts and supporting anecdotal evidence is contained in the textbook Secrets of the Pink Kush by Billy Budd , the pen name of William Harold Bradshaw. See Secrets of the Pink Kush for details.


A hypothesis is a supposition or a proposed explanation that has been made on the basis of some but limited evidence and is employed as a starting point for further investigation.


A theory, in science, is an explanation and/or model that encompasses a significant group of occurrences in nature and has been confirmed by experiments and observations. A theory is more generalized and can be verified and validated better than a hypothesis.


he Pink Kush Theory is a theory because it is more than a mere hypothesis as it can be proven using the scientific method of replication of results. This theory explains how higher levels of ploidy, observed in nature, can be applied to humans as it currently does to plants, mammals and animals. This higher level of ploidy creates a more advanced life, larger and longer lived organism. E.g. Orchids, queen bees and Viscacha rat. This theory can be verified by applying a colchicine treatment to seeds or eggs during meiosis. This will prevent the cells from dividing and thus will double the chromosomes and create a higher level of ploidy. This has been tested on various plants and the theory stands the test using the scientific method.


The Pink Kush is a hybrid marijuana plant of great potency. It is a cannabis sativa crossed with a cannabis indica and then converted to a tetraploid with a colchicine treatment. After working with the Pink Kush plant, and essentially reverse engineering the plant, I discovered several very interesting pieces of great knowledge. This is due to serendipity, and following these alternate paths of discovery, as I trace through several disciplines like history, science, genetics and secret societies. In this theory, I offer practical answers to many questions about ancient aliens, a cure for cancer, the Bible, humanity, religion, the advanced Sumerian and Mayan cultures. All of this is based upon the results of research due directly to the Pink Kush and the fact that it is a tetraploid created using another plant, the Autumn Crocus. This all started when normal pregnant female humans began to use the Autumn Crocus plant for labour pains by applying it as a topical analgesic. Colchicine, the active ingredient, is a dangerous alkaloid with the ability to prevent cell division during meiosis. There is serendipity in this aspect of cell division as anything that prevents cells from dividing can be used to treat cancer. I strongly suspect it is a cure for cancer that has been suppressed. Colchicine is now being used in cancer therapy with excellent results and may work for addiction treatment as well.

This use of Colchicine resulted in tetraploid humans being created accidently as they were becoming pregnant again but were continuing to use the Autumn Crocus plant for pain relief in their vaginal area. Another scenario is the female just had sex and her vaginal area was in pain such that she applied the Autumn Crocus topically. I doubt that they consumed it internally but it is possible. Humans are normally diploids while tetraploids are humans with double chromosomes and grow much slower, bigger and live much longer. These people were giants and were called the Rephaim class in the Bible. Giants then created civilization through agriculture, written language and knowledge. They created astronomical observatories and recorded cycles of rain, drought, etc. accurately using astronomy as their timeline/calendar. They called themselves gods and instilled divine kingship amongst the nations/civilizations that they built, initially Sumer where they were known as the Anunnaki. Anu was the sky god as he rode a chariot of fire which was a hot air balloon. They build giant structures for observatories and pyramids. They imparted the knowledge of building to the Judeans/Hyksos. They employed hot air balloons and later spaceships, for observation and domination over the numerous human populations and could inflict damage to them by dropping incendiary devices (fire bombs) on them.

Overpopulation became a serious threat to the giants so the giants agreed to flood the fertile Black Sea (a valley at the time). They spent an enormous amount of time and effort to build a channel from the Mediterranean Sea across the Bosphorus to flood into the Black Sea. The flood was so devastating and scary to the giants that they agreed to never use flood as a method of population control. Some giants wanted to help the humans with written language and knowledge of many disciplines but some giants did not want the humans to gain this knowledge. The giants fought amongst themselves and employed various human tribes to help them in their goals. There was a rebellion of about two hundred giants, led by Satan, to take wives from the smaller humans. This was the original satanic plot and a pact with the devil, upon which several giants agreed and swore the oath. The offspring of this created another class of smaller giants called the Nephilim in the Bible. The Nephilim are the result of the tetraploid crossed with diploids. This results in a sterile triploid which is three sets of chromosomes and a genetic mismatch for breeding. This group would be short lived as they are unable to procreate. Lucifer was a Rephaim class female with her own female domination plans of implementing a matriarchal society against the patriarchal society of "God". Satan and Lucifer plotted against "God" for their own selfish ends.

The giants are attacked repeatedly or encroached upon by ravenous humans so they employ the legion of the Grigori giants / Watchers to keep surveillance on the normal diploid humans as they too numerous and causing problems. Eventually the giants, no longer able to fend off the humans, build huge reed boats and take their assets (hot air balloons, spaceships, etc.) with them and sail across the Atlantic Ocean to escape the humans overrunning them in the Cedar forest and Mount Hermon and other areas of Mesopotamia. The giants eventually arrive in Central America and help the Mayans establish a civilization through agricultural, maize production in particular. The giants build many pyramids and establish highly sophisticated observatories, pyramids, mathematics, and writing. The giants appear to survive up to the eighteenth century, at least, after which there are no further reports of their existence until recently. There is however, much written documentation including parts of the Bible, actual bones, buildings, furniture, relief tablets, giant mounds, crowns and other peculiarities to support their existence.

God was real, Satan was real, Lucifer was real and the Bible is actually the word of god, it is just that god is a tetraploid giant. There are no ancient aliens, it was giants. There are aliens out there but they are not visiting Earth nor are we ever to visit them. The New World Order is the ancient Babylonian blueprint plans of Lucifer to implement a matriarchal society which would, conceivably, be peaceful and under one ruler but implementing actually widespread slavery of humanity. Whether there really is a God is another matter. I personally see nature as the true god and nature does play with dice and does strive for more complicated organisms through evolution. Nature contains both good and evil to balance the universe, maintaining entropy, and does not distinguish between the righteous and the cruel but we are all connected to the universe through a common bond, perhaps some entanglement, the essence of the beginning of the Big Bang. We still must do what we know is for the true good or we will pay the price in some manner from nature itself or how others see fit due to their sense of justice and karma.

Proof That Tetraploid Humans Exist - See the actual human tetraploid case study.

End of the Pink Kush Theory

Secrets of the Pink Kush

Read Secrets of the Pink Kush for more knowledge of the occult and many other topics that are related by a certain lily plant that can potentially cure cancer or kill animals/people or create polyploids such as the tetraploid humans or create superior plants like the Pink Kush which is also a tetraploid (super potent cannabis plant). The book also describes how to breed and grow superior plants and cannabis in particular. There is knowledge in this book that is not found anywhere else in the world except amongst the tetraploid humans and they are keeping it a secret.

Thank you for your interest in this topic.